Why bullying is not right and is wrong kids everyday kill them selves because of what other people say and do to them.But if kids would just stop bullying and be nicer to kids and not judge them there would be not as many  problems in schools all around the world.Instead of telling someone that they stink or they are fat and ugly tell them something nice about them. Kids that bully most of the time bully because they are having a bad time to so it is not always great for them either not saying t hat it is right but just give them a little break every now and then.Kids do not understand how hard it is for them when they get home or what there parents do to them and how hard it is for them to make friends.So if none of this happens to you then be thankful that you do not go home and h ave your parents beat you or be cyber bullied by someone but if you are not do not  go and think it is ok to do that to someone else or think that you are better than them and if you are doing that then you are going lower than they are and just because they do not like you or do not like them it does not mean that you could go out and bully them or talk crap about them or there family some  people do it for there amusment and some do it because other people are doing it does not mean that you should do it. Do not be a follower be your own person do what is best for you in the long run instead of useless stuff like making fun other people just keep track of your self not other people.






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